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Tugasan OUMH1203 - English for Written and Communication

Question number 1
Now a days, people are often goes to work using their own vehicles, such as motorcycles and private cars. Some prefer to use public transports. No matter what is the vehicles is, as long as it’s convenient, then peoples will use it. Some of us perhaps did not realize that in Malaysia, motor vehicle theft got increase year after year.
According to a data, beginning from the year 1980 to 2010, the cases of motor vehicles theft, got increase over 160, 000 cases, especially for all vehicles, followed by motorcycles then private cars. For some reason, it maybe the useful of the materials of the vehicles, that the thieves will take off all of it, then sold it to some peoples just to gain money with an easy way or just selling it straight to others. If these continue happened, then people should realize that there can be some preventive measures could be taken to avoid it.
Firstly, the preventive measure that can be taken is, the owners of the vehicles, for example, a motorcyclist who always park their motorcycles outside their house, should stop it and they should start park their motorcycle in the house. It’s not that parking outside of the house is not safe, maybe if the owner think that if they locked the motorcycles, then it’s totally safe but thieves nowadays becoming more intelligent and creative, just to get what they want. Some of the thieves is complete with tools for their job. They even also are willing to climb the fence, even it higher.
Secondly, I would suggest that every peoples should get a CCTV camera at the outside of their house, to record every activities. The cost of installation of it, might be expensive but to prevent from being a vehicles theft victim, it’s priceless and even worth for every cent for paying it. With CCTV camera, people will know who is the theft and brought the tape to the police station, as an evidence that their vehicle has been stolen. These CCTV camera is suitable for a house that have more than one vehicles or a big house such as bungalow.
Thirdly, turn on a bright lamp in front of the house where the vehicles is parked. These method might be not suitable but at least, it also helped people in term of preventing them from becoming a victim of vehicles theft. Logically, thieves will d their job if there’s no lighting or darkness. They used to use a torch light to manage their business. Besides that, installing a sensitive alarm on the vehicles also can help to prevent the problem.
The conclusion is, in order to prevent motor vehicles theft from being a great problem to handle, peoples should take action on their own to protect their assets. No matter what was the way nor the method is or how expensive it is, to save the assets is the main things people should do. Spend the money for something good is actually worth every cent of it especially in terms of protecting your assets as you work hard to earn it. (519 words)

Question number 2
Pollution has become one of the biggest threat to the earth population. Pollution not only making some flora and fauna wiped out because of losing their habitat but also capable of making human in a high risk of having various kind of impact such as tumor and damaged of the universe. There are few action and initiative has been taken to stop or at least to prevent the risk of pollution. Even though, human attitude itself made it too difficult to do. Therefore, as a community in these area, we also can be the victim of pollution if the factory has been set up in our housing areas. There are a few types of pollution such as air, chemical, noise and even thermal pollution that can affect our health.
In order to protest against the set up of a factory near my housing area, I confirm that these factory will be causing a lot of problem and trouble to the society in the nearest area. These factory might be causing of environmentally hazardous. There is also no guarantee that these upcoming factory will be safe to the society, especially children. There are so many deterioration than goodness. Firstly, these might be causing of the air pollution. As we know, factory will produce chemicals to the air. Every chemicals released to the air is the air that we breathe. It might not going to giving us the impact for until next year, but what about the next ten years, what about the children’s that will breathe the air and every day we live, breathe the air that has been polluted by the chemicals released by the factory.
Secondly, it’s about the noises in our area. If the factory, beginning from it start to the build process until it begin to work, must be hard for us to stay in calm like today. How about the family whom got a baby that must be really hard for the parents to lull their baby. As for the old folks, they also can’t get a rest because of the noises came from the factory. We might can accept the noises from the neighbours because it will stop, but the noises from the factory which is operating for 24 hours a day, I don’t think that every of us can accept that.
Thirdly, now a days the society in these area enjoying a clean water supply. We can drink it without any doubts, the water is contaminated by any chemicals thing. But, if the factory begin to operate, they will dump a chemical things at the neighbourhood and everybody know what will happen after that. The clean water supply is definitely will be contaminated with all the chemicals resultant by the factory. This will threaten us and we’ll not be safe to use the water supply.

As a conclusion of these matter, again I confirm that setting up a factory near these housing area is going to cause us in a threatened position, costing our life into something that is not giving us a benefit at all. There are more deterioration then goodness for the society, causing of healthy problem and more damage for the living things such as animals and plants. (537 words)

Question number 3
Plagiarism has become among the main issues that need attention to universities in Malaysia and internationally, when students are continually engaged with other people’s ideas especially in a process of making some given task. Basically, plagiarism is using others ideas and words without clearly acknowledging the source of that information. Plagiarism is also the fact that causing of some student can’t afford an excellent grade in the examination. Nowadays, every universities is facing the same problem of plagiarism as it’s becoming a trend for the students to complete their task and facilitate their work.
There are few things why plagiarism needs an attention. In terms of making an assignment, the main purpose is to teach how to manage the time during the process of making it and also to teach how to gain an information from various of sources. To minimise the time, students usually will take the information, totally the same from the sources without making any changing’s at all such as the words. These will causing the students losing the marks because they doing a plagiarism. If they passes in the examination, they are lucky but then if their fail, they have to repeat the exam. That is why, plagiarism need to stop for getting the students in trouble and wasting time of repeating an exam, just because of lot’s of mark has been cut by this mistaken.
Beside that, plagiarism also a sign of that some student is lack in knowledge of some information, that they just copy and paste the information without making any changing’s with their own words. Basically, as a students, they should responsive to any information’s and issues. There’s also a way, how to take the words of some sources to put in the assignment which every universities got the same way of standard of it. For an example, other than using own words to explain or putting the sources name, the founder and the year as a prove.
Plagiarism also can put someone in a summons for taking other’s ideas without permission or copying the words nor admitting that the words is made by themselves although prove have been found that the words or information is property by other’s. If these happened in the universities, the student will facing the consequences of it, such as expelled from the universities of continuing the course or postpone the course. These going to cost a waste of time and money for the students.
As a conclusion, technology get humans become a sluggard. Humans do some research, but in the end of the day, they will taking an advantage of the technology to made their task becoming so easy to finished but yet, they didn’t know that their task is lack in quality. Plagiarism is one of the reasons of why do humans become a loon. They just taking the information’s from any sources then copy and paste it into their own task, although there’s has been a guidelines how to manage copying the words from some sources. (502 words)

Question number 4
Every cents of our spend for any services or goods will be paid with goods and services tax (GST), especially when we are shopping at any famous brand shop or having meals at the hotels or fast food restaurants, there must be an extra percent in the bills for the GST. Whether we realize or not, we are being charged for almost everything. Basically, according to the KL Management Services, Secretarial and Formation Services (2009), GST is a consumption tax for charging of domestic and international products, goods and services, from raw materials all the way to finished goods and every levels of product that affects all layers of business and consumers. Therefore, I disagree that the government implemented the GST.
The implementation of GST perhaps incur benefits only for the seller and trader, but for the consumer or maybe some of the consumer especially middle class and lower income persons, it will be get worse for getting paid an extra services that no need for payment at all. For an example, having meals at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), i don’t think that we need to paid for the GST as for the services is also the same with Mamak Stalls. Furthermore, we carried our tray to the table but need to paid for the food also for the GST. If the reasons is for the friendly services at the counter or fast services they’ve given, I don’t think that is also necessarily paid off because some stalls or common restaurant also giving the same services but need no payment for the fast and friendly services.
If buying a products too needs to paid for the GST also i don’t think that necessarily to paid it. Sometimes the workers just following the customer where they’d go around the shop. For that reasons also we have to paid the GST. We never asked the salesgirl to help or to find us the product and neither need an explanations but at the end, there’s a GST we need to pay. Sometimes, that over services is more irritate rather than convenient but that is what they called good and services that we forced to paid.
Many of us, neither single or married, usually will spend the money based on daily and monthly budget especially for living. If we are being charged for everything, then our budget is also increasing month after month because of the implementation of the GST. It will become a burden for some people to buy anything that important for them.
In the end, I don’t think that some of the services is necessarily charged for GST. Perhaps for some services there’s no choices for us to paid it because it’s necessary for an example, stayed in a hotel that the services is indeed giving us a privileged stayed even for a night only. I think that is worth for us to paid the GST. Actually, some services no need to paid an extra money because there’s no necessarily for it. (501 words).
Question number 7
Utilizing of vehicles, especially a private car now a day’s become more important after all there’s so many choices of car in the market conclude peoples in a race to get the famous brand car whether it’s an import nor a local car as long as their the first customer to own and use it, more than their needs. But the most important matter to own a car is, to have a driving license first. With it, the car owner can go as far as they wanted to or every where they’d love to.
To get a driving license, firstly you need to go to the nearest Driving Academy, to gain an information that matters for registering in order to get the driving license. If the price is pair, then you should register your name at the academy to start the process of get a driving license. The workers will let you know what do you have to paid first, such as for the lecture and computer test. They also informing about the date of lecture you must attend and the booking date to sit the computer test when you’re available if you are working.
The first process is, to attend the five hour lecture about road safety course. In these lecture, you will be given a booklet that contains important signs on the road also the rules that you need to obey. But most important is, the booklet basically is for the computer test that you need to take as soon as completing the five hour lecture. The second process is, attending the computer test. These test consists of 45 multiples choices questions. All the questions are based from the booklet were given at the five hour lecture. The pass mark for these test is 41. If you passed it, then you need to inform the result at the driving academy you were registered, to start your driving lessons.
These driving lessons needs to complete for 16 hours and done with an instructor as a teacher that will instruct you to drive using a manual car such as Perodua Kancil and Perodua Viva. The instructor will show you how to drive through the hill, three corner and side park, also the highway drive. After the 16 hours driving lessons is completing, you need to booked and take the pre driving test, where the instructors will be the observer to allow you to take the actual test driving test with the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ). Driving test with JPJ usually is the last process to get the driving license, if you made it without fail any of them. The test includes driving and parking. Before starting the test, the JPJ will have a short brief to explain how the test goes on. Five minutes is for the driving portion while the parking segment consists of making a three point turn starting the car on a hill also three corner and side park. Marking pass for the test is 15 above and below of it, the result is, you need to repeat the exam once again.
As a conclusion, peoples should obey road ordinance and should more carefully when their drive, as the road is not a race circuit. They should know that to get a driving license is not an easy process. Driving license is also not a passport to delighted drive and they should appreciate the long period of time and money they have spend before just to get a driving license. (582 words)

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